Grand Life
Massage Sessions

     30 minute - $50
  60 minute - $80
  90 minute - $100
  120 minute - $140

*All sessions are customizable with no extra charge for deep tissue.
* Return within 5 weeks get $10 off next visit.
* Ask about our membership plan with special pricing and promos!
* For service in your home or office, please  
  add a minimum $25 set up fee.

Techniques are applied according to each individual's goals and preferences. Sessions are customized using the following techniques:
* Swedish - Generally relaxing, flowing strokes with light to deep pressure typically associated with Western massage and commonly used to apply oil or lotion and warm tissue
* Myofascial Techniques - Used to address the relationship between muscle and the body's fascial system. Helps mobilize tissue and prepare for other deep tissue work
* Deep Tissue -Targets specific muscles and problem areas and may include deep stripping and cross fiber friction 
* Stretching - Used to slowly lengthen and mobilize tissues
* NMT (Neuromuscular therapy) - Similar to deep tissue and used to address trigger points to relieve pain
* Thai Yoga Massage - Traditionally performed on a futon mat on the floor to allow full range of motion and stability for generous stretches and compression along the body's energy lines
* Lymph Drainage - Light, superficial strokes target lymph fluid movement